Come join us for another great year! June 30th is the end of our fiscal year, and this is the time for you to renew your memberships for the upcoming fiscal year! Your membership can be renewed at our July picnic at White Pines Lake, so bring your checkbook or cash!

Or send your completed BVSC Membership Form along with your check made out to the Bear Valley Ski Club to Julia Prehm, our Membership Chair, at the address as shown on the Membership Form. Annual dues are $35 for a family membership and $18 for a single membership.

Late dues are $45 for family and $25 for single memberships.
This is a late fee, not an increase in dues.
Get your dues in now to avoid late fees!

New members joining after December 1st are NOT subject to late fees.

Want to have more fun in our Ski Club?
Then volunteer as a Board Member or as a member of one of our Ski Club’s committees! It’s a great way to meet more Ski Club members, and have more fun.
Contact us at for more info.

You must be a member of the Bear Valley Ski Club to participate in most of our events and benefits, including:
Annual Winter Dinner-Dance
Annual Ski Trip
Golf Tournament
Group rates for air ambulance programs
Access our shared Shutterfly account

Let us know if you are willing to be an “activity” coordinator!  
Don’t forget that our Ski Club is an all volunteer organization!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our Ski Club emails.
You don’t want to miss any news or info about upcoming events!

For any questions contact Julia at