Board Members

Our Ski Club seeks nominations for members interested in joining our Board of Directors before each fiscal year at our July picnic.  Joining the BVSC Board is a fantastic way to enhance your experience as a club member. We are all about the fun of skiing and travel!

Contact us at or call Mark Woltering (415) 456-7083 for information about becoming a board member.

Below are the executive officers of the Board of Directors for the 2023-2024 season:

President Mark Woltering
Vice President Veronica Homuth
Treasurer Dale Tibbils
Recording Secretary Jennifer Glenday
MembershipSheree Lemler
Website Randy Titus
Board of Directors 2020, Bear Valley Ski Club

Facebook Administrator Andy Thomson
Member at Large(open)
Social Cynthia Nowicki
Historian (open)
TravelMark Woltering