Come join us for another great year!

Each summer the BVSC is registering returning members and inviting new members to join the club at our Annual July Picnic. Ski Club Memberships are due at picnic usually held the first or second week of July. Ski Club Members must be registered prior to signing up for organized ski trips. Please send in your membership dues by using the form provided below. The membership dues for the 2023-2024 season remain the same as last year.

Our Membership Form includes a
General Release, Waiver and Indemnity Agreement
on the second page.
Please remember to read and sign the second page!

Send your completed two-page membership form with your check made out to the Bear Valley Ski Club to the address as shown on the Membership Form. Annual dues are $35 for a family membership and $18 for a single membership. Click here for the BVSC membership form:

BVSC Membership/Waiver form 2023-2024 (fillable)

After December 1, 2023, Late dues are $45 for family and $25 for single memberships.
This is a late fee, not an increase in dues.
Get your dues in now to avoid late fees!

Want to have more fun in our Ski Club?
Then volunteer as a Board Member or as a member of one of our Ski Club’s committees! It’s a great way to meet more Ski Club members, and have more fun.
Contact us at for more info.

You must be a member of the Bear Valley Ski Club to participate in most of our events and benefits, including:
Annual Winter Dinner-Dance, BVSC Google Groups
Annual Ski Trip

Let us know if you are willing to be an “activity” coordinator!  
Don’t forget that our Ski Club is an all volunteer organization!

As a BVSC Member, your contact information can be added to our newly established “Google Group”. This is a fantastic way to receive information and initiate/invite other ski club members to scheduled or short notice events and activities. “Fun is better with Fun People”

Don’t forget to subscribe to our Ski Club emails.
You don’t want to miss any news or info about upcoming events!

For any questions contact Fred Evans at