Medical Evacuation Services

Group rates are available for the members of our Ski Club for several of the air ambulance programs that operate in Bear Valley and the Highway 4 corridor.  Three of these companies are CalStar, PHI Cares, and Reach Air.  Any of these companies may respond based on availability at the time of an emergency.

Please carefully read the membership agreements for each of these companies.  Both individual and family memberships are available.  You can join or renew on-line.  Please contact us at for the group name on the applications to receive the reduced group rates.

To access three of the air ambulance operators in the Bear Valley area:


PHI Cares

Reach Air

If you are currently enrolled in a health insurance program, the benefits provided by these air ambulance programs may duplicate the benefits provided by your health insurance.  You should contact your health insurance company to determine and confirm the benefits offered on your plan.